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Health Engineering Department is the associated inhouse engineering department of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. To construct health and family planning infrastructure and to maintain a servicable condition by doing proper maintenance in order to ensure better health facilities for the mass people is the main purpose of Health Engineering Department (HED). Since the beginning, HED is constructing, upgrading, rennovating, extensioning, repairing and maintaining all kind of health and family planning structure countrywide as per direction of the MOHFW and playing the leading role to ensure better health facilities for the general people. HED is determined to construct well facilitated health infrastructure at least cost and limited manpower applying latest technology.


(Vision) :

"Standard health infrastructure are supportive to better health facilities."


(Mission) :

"Construction & Upgradation of Health & Family Planning Infrastructure in time and extension of existing infrastructure maintaining quality Repair & Maintenance work to keep the infrastructure functioning for better health services"

Chief Engineer,HED

Brigadier General Mohammad Osman Sarwar SPP, afwc, psc

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